Li Chevalier and the string quartet of Paris Opera

Alongside her professional practice as a visual artist, li chevalier having been a soprano in the Paris Orchestra’s Choir .She has been collaborating with Paris Opera musicians since 1991, staging many musical art events. Music has been one of the main recurrent themes in her visual art works. The painting entitled < I hear the water dreaming> exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 2007, was a tribute to the Japanese composer Takemitzu. Her painting <Symphony of Destiny>, now part of the French Embassy in China art collection, pays homage to Beethoven. Other examples of her works related to music abound, such as < The rite of spring >by Stravinsky, [private collection in the US ], Transfigured Night,  (Verklärte Nacht) by Arnold Schoenberg , or <Two voice invention> by Bach. In 2011, her major installation work displayed at Shanghai Art Museum was strongly inspired by Belgium composer Dirk Bosse's violin concerto: <Black , white and in between>.

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