How a poet could desert the sky?

 Paris is considered by many as the most romantic city of the world, as France  are considered, wrong or right,  by   most of the Chinese as the most romantic nation.   A person lack of romantic spirit is called by  some French people  as  "le comptable de province "     He is  realistic, , cautious,  well abacus  and reasonable .   Life is riskless but  tasteless, two sides of the same coins .


If I have one "artist statement' to make it will be this :    Artist is a sponge of sensitivity . Art is  eternally romantic by its  irresistible desire to  'take off'  from the land of reality.  How a poet could desert the sky?    Art is  an issue of passion, obsession,   of collision and rebound.  All this ,indeed,  has little to do with the horizon of a  "comptable de province. "or the spirit of the "passion prof"  Kant!


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