< The dance of the sea and the sands>

The project is an immersive multimedia installation . Still in its drafted version today, the work is based on a physical installation of hundreds of objects used by UAE fishermen that Ii Chevalier reshaped and painted in her studio before having displayed them in the Dubai desert. From this installation, the artist drew the first body of photographic and video footage, which she wish to develop into video animation, transforming the inanimate white objects installed in the desert into the mythical dervish turners, synchronized with Arabic music. The work will show an eerie scenery of a turning dancers departing from the desert into the sky: a metaphorical vision of a country , from the sand, has grown towering wonders . It combines two main geographic elements of the country : the Sea and the Sand. Going beyond cultural and genre border, reflecting a world of cultural diversity and singularity, and casting light on our capacity to live in mutual respect and harmony despite our differences, are one of the main motivations for my recent creative work.





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