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Li Chevalier lives and works in her two art studios in Beijing and Paris.  She graduated from  Central St Martins College of Art & Design in London after she gained her first post graduate degree in Philosophy at Sorbonne University in Paris.

 Her first major exhibition was held at the National Museum of Fine Arts in China in 2010. Other solo shows followed, including Today Art Museum Beijing, the Museum of Fine Arts in Shanghai (2011), the State Opera in Beijing (2013), the Contemporary Art Center Submarine Base Bordeaux (2014). Li Chevalier’s works have been featured in numerous museums and international art fairs including the Royal Academy of Arts London [2007], <Art Capital> at the Grand Palais [2006- 2009], Rodin Museum Beijing [2013] Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai Dolland, [2012], Museum of Modern Art  Beijing [2012], Peking University [2012], the National library of China [2012]  Museum of Today's Vision  Beijing [2011], Beijing International Fair [2011], the National Museum of Wuhan [2010], Sunshine Museum Beijing [2010] Art Salon of the French National Fine Arts society  at the Carrousel du Louvre [2009], International Art Fair Glasgow [2008],   Northern Art Fair UK [2008], International Art Fair in Shanghai [2008], International Art Fair in London [2007] National Gallery of Qatar Al Bida [2003]. Two of her major paintings have been part of the collection of the French Embassy in China since 2011 and are exhibited at the French Ambassador Residence, alongside works by two other Franco-Chinese artists Zao Wuki and Chu Tequn.



National Museum of Fine Arts of  China / State Opera China / French Embassy China / Modern Art Museum of China Huantie  /

Commercial Bank Qatar / Bernard Magrez Art  Found /Danish Art Foundation / The "Star Art Magazine" China / Art Weekly Magazine /

Movement Art Magazine China / Ku Art Magazine / Levi Kelly Group the Art Pavilion /  Vision Magazine Art / China Art News 

Private Collections: France / China / United States / Switzerland / USA / Italy / Denmark / Germany / Belgium / Spain /

Japan / Korea / Iran /Lebanon / Qatar / Morocco / Greece / Taiwan / Brazil / South Africa / Madagascar.



  National Fine Arts Museum of China (Namoc) Dec. 2010

<Poetry, Zen and li Chevalier's paintings>  by Peng Feng Director, The Research  and Education Center for Aesthetic Peking University  

<li Chevalier's spiritual landscape> by Duanting Wang Director of Research Department international Academy of Arts of China 

<The great image has no form> by Yin Shuangxi , chef editor of <Art and research> / <Orient Vivid> Christine Cayol PhD Philosophy


The State Opera China (Ncpa July 2013)

 <Tradition and Modernity in the art of li Chevalier> by  Peng Feng Director, The Research  and Education Center for Aesthetic Peking University 

Herve Grosscaret Director Lyon Confluence Museum


Bernard Magrez Art Found   March 2015

< Chinese ink at the age of globalization> 



First prize  for sculpture -  French Graphic and fine arts society 2014 / Gold medal  for Installation French National Fine Arts Society  2014/  

Celeste Art prize shortlisted 2006 UK /. Mercury Art prize shortlisted 2006 UK/ Nominated prize Saint Martin international art salon 2003.



Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London Fine Arts ( Dali studio 2003-Pg dip Fine Arts 2007)

Sorbonne University  MA Philosophy 1991

Institute of Political Sciences  Paris [CEP Promo 86] [87 SP Promo]

 Member of the French National of Fine Arts Society SNBA

Member of the French National Council of Plastic Arts CNFAP

Member of the Qatar National Fine Art Society

Member of the Taylor Foundation

Member of the Society of Authors in Graphic Arts  and fine arts  ADAGP



2010         National Art Museum of China <The Poetic Orient>

2011         Shanghai Art Museum < Li Chevalier retrospective>

2013         National Opera of China < Visual Symphony> _A collaboration with China National Symphony Orchestra

                 under the conduction of Philippe Jordan. 


2014        Marine Base Contemporary Art Centre in Bordeaux <Fusion>

                Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of France-China relationships 22 May-13 July

2014       The French Week- invited by China Radio International     10-20 May

2014        Château Haut Bailly Bordeaux: <The poetic steles> July 15 -26Sept

2014        Art Pavilion Joy Club Beijing [Praise mists] Jan.

2012        National Library of China [Victor Segalen < The Stele of Light> 2012

2010        French Alliance Beijing <Symphony of life>

2010        Today Art Museum Beijing <Contemplating the Orient>

 2007       Byam Shaw art gallery at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London

2007        Celadon Gallery, Piccadilly London

2006       "Festival of the senses" Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha in June. [Painting music] Hotel Intercontinental           

2006        Abu Dhabi-French Alliance Dubai <Painting music>

2005        Concert cum exhibition Quartet Paris Opera in December [Paint the music]

2004        Gallery of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Doha [veiled Silence]         

2004        [The Year of China-France] French Cultural Center in Doha, Qatar

2003        [The door] French Cultural Center Doha / Exhibition for the opening of the Cultural Center .

2002        Exhibition for "Qatar Happenings." Doha.

2001        Doha Golf Club. [A  Bridge to the East]




 2007      Royal Academy of the Arts London Summer exhibition

 2014      Carrousel du Louvre Paris Art Salon SNBA Dec/<  Harmonious and different >  /  People's University of Beijing "on top of the Yellow Mountain"

 2013       Peking University "New Oriental spirit"

 2012       Museum of Modern Art Beijing "Ink unstructured" / Museum of Fine Art Dolande Shanghai  "Ink unstructured" Sep/.

                4th Biennial ink painting, Taiwan October /"The New  oriental spirit "  Gallery Feng huang  Ningbo Sept.

 2011       Grand Palais "Art Capital" Paris

 2010       National Museum of China Wuhan Nov. / Museum Today's Vision Beijing Oct. / The Sunshine Art Museum Beijing Oct

                Modern Art Museum of China Huantie May / "Meeting" Dragon Pace  Gallery Beijing in April / "Focus" Korean Cultural Center Beijing

 2009     Carrousel du Louvre Salon of the  French National Fine Arts Society  Dec. France / Le Grand    Palais, "Art Capital" France /

              Great Elephant Gallery, Beijing, China in July / "The  expression on   Paper" University of Missouri, Columbia in November USA /

             "Contemplating the East" New Age     Gallery Dashanzi 798 Art District Beijing, China in May / "reinvention of artistic   language of the East I Edit" /

              Huantie Museum of Art, May / "reinvention of artistic language of the East Edition II ", International Gallery Huantie March /

              " Western rationalism and Eastern       abstraction ", Residence des Artistes  Beijing Red Gate Gallery

 2008     Beijing China Poly  gallery Nov. / "Vision and Image" Salon of Plastic Arts of Beijing "Oct /  International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Shanghai Sept /

            " Heaven is not silent "Art Gallery 8   Huantie May /" the new stars of Chinese Art "Art Gallery 8 June / International Exhibition of   Northern England. May /

              International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Glasgow March /              International Exhibition of Plastic Arts in London Feb.

2007     'The Art Capital' Grand Palais Paris Nov. / Plastic AAF Art Fair London / "The rising stars of Fine   Arts in London" Gallery Coomber Devon. England /

              The Royal Academy of Arts in London   Exhibition  July-August London / "Patchwork cosmopolitan." The gallery Asiem Paris June /         

             "Degree Show", Gallery School of Fine Arts Byam Shaw June / Kingsgate Gallery London .Juillet /  Vauxhall Gallery London July /

             "contest show" Byam Shaw School of Art College Gallery London   in Ju

2006      One four one Gallery London Dec.

2005      Qatar National Art Society art  Salon - Doha Art Gallery  Feb.

2004      Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts -Carrousel du Louvre Paris / "work in  printmaking," The International School of Graphic Venice. Italy /

            "Salon des Independants"  L'Espace d'Auteuil Paris / "Designs and watercolors of women artists in the world" University  Gallery Virginia Commonwealth

              University School of the Arts USA  Creative Art Centre,   <women Artists in the Gulf>. Doha  /Qatar National Art Society art  Salon " National  Gallery of Al Bida.

2003     "Salon French National Fine Art Society " Carrousel du Louvre Paris / Paris Adam and Eve /

             "International Exhibition of Plastic Arts" Niort France / "artists Gulf" Gallery Bissan Gallery. Qatar.

 2001      French Cultural Center Doha, Qatar



< Man as screen> Paris I Sorbonne University in 1991

<Nihilism> Theological College Strasbourg 1999

<Kant and metaphysics basis for morality> Theological College Strasbourg 1998

<Bioethics> Theological College Strasbourg 1998

<Nihilism and Zen aesthetic> Central Saint Martins College of Art And Design London 2006

<In Search of lost beauty > Central Saint Martins College of Art And Design London 2007



<In search of lost beauty > Beaux Arts Magazine May 2014 / <Innovation destructrice Luc Ferry 2014 / <Li Chevalier,  cultural blending > Preface Alain Juppe 2014 / <Ink and Between> François Jullien 2014 / <Contemplating the Orient> Alexandre Ziegler 2010 / <Under the Inspired gaze of  Chevalier li> le Figaro.  Arnaud Lagrange  2010 / <Contemplating the Orient> Preface French -China cultural festival  Frederick Mitterrand 2010 / <voice of life according to Li Chevalier> Attitude France 2012 / <li Chevalier Two paintings for the Embassy of France> the attitude of France 2011 /  Le Petit Journal Beijing <an artist on the strings of sensitivity > 2013 / <li Chevalier Interview > 50th China-France 2014 French Institute / text Denis Lavalle catalog Shanghai Museum 2011 / text Remy Aron for the catalog of the National Museum of Fine China 2010 / text  François Michael King Pellec catalog for the National Museum of Fine Arts 2010 / <The appeal, in the landscapes of Li Chevalier> Antonia Debruelle / <Steles light> Preface Marc Fontana catalogue National Library of China in 2012



<li Chevalier Peintre trait d'union> Le Figaro Culture  2015/ <li Chevalier France Chine 50e> Radio France International /  <Li Chevalier, art and fusion > Daily Southwest Daily France 2014 / <Aesthetics and Philosophy> China Radio International 2014 / <At the Crossroads of the West and East> Europe Time 2014 / <Global Time Celebrity > Radio 2014 China International / <li Chevalier- painting music> Sciences-Po alumni_magazine 2013 / Guide Beijing Louis Vitton 2013 / <li Chevalier -Est and west> Art vision 2013 / <Silent sounds of cross cultural art> 2013 China Daily / <Visual symphony> Journal of radio and Television Beijing 2013 / <My little vanity> Cosmopolitan magazine 2013 / <Flying high> China Radio International /  <The Stele of Light> Association Victor Segalen 2012 / <Mind "vomit "creativity> Daily 2012 people / <Ink and aesthetic Chan> Modern weekly Magazine 2012 / <New Chinoiserie> Global Times Shanghai 2012 / <li Portrait Chevalier> Star and Light magazine 2012 / <Walk east to west> Air China Magazine 2011 / <Visual Symphony> Global Times 2011 / <Gaze and Inspiration> life and Style Magazine 2011> / <A manifesto of the artist> Club Magazine 2011 / <Beijing born artist back to conquer China> China Daily 2010 / <Portrait artist> Global Times 2010 / <hybrid vision of Li Chevalier spans two continents> Global Times 2010 / <Weman artist> Beijing Radio / <Between black and White> Beijing Evening News 2010 / <L'Orient in the language of contemporary art> Hongkong Takungpao 2010 / <The voice of silence> Art Guide Magazine 2008 / <On beauty> Non Art Magazine 2009 / World Art Magazine 2010 / < China Expression > Art wage magazine 2011 / <li  Chevalier portrait > Star 2010 magazine art / Investigating 

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Contemporary Art Museum Rome Macro



 From La Biennale di Venezia & OPEN to MACRO.

International Perspectives #4


curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini



LI CHEVALIER   Trajectory of Desire


Press Preview: 27 January 11.00

Inauguration: 27 January 2017 18.30

Open to the public: 28 January - 26 March 2017


MACRO - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma

MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda

Foyer 2, Teatro Studio 2, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4 – Roma

press release


Fourth stage for From La Biennale di Venezia & OPEN to MACRO. International Perspectives, conceived and curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini, dedicated to the presentation in the MACRO areas of some international installations from the International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia and, on this occasion, the exhibition project has been extended to OPEN International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations with the aim of enlarging the selection specifically to the sculpture and wide-ranging installations. OPEN, conceived by Paolo De Grandis in 1998, reaches this year its twentieth edition and is based on a consolidated and successful exhibition formula in which the artist-country combination, the outdoor spaces at Venice and the Venice Cinema Festival become an international platform of exchange and interaction on which to rethink and redefine the current status of art.


Promoted by Rome Capital, Department for Cultural Growth - Capitoline Superintendency for the Cultural Heritage, and organised in collaboration with PDG Arte Communications, the project sees the convergence of art “perspectives” of two cities that work to enable international art experience to travel over the national territory. From the lagoon city to the Capital. Two cities linked by an impressive historic and artistic tradition that have succeeded in further enriching this experience to give a voice and life to contemporary art, to bring this resource to the forefront, making use of actions to document what exists, with promotions of events and international connections. Research launched by Paolo De Grandis in 1995 with the concept of external pavilions at the Venice Biennale and the presentation of new countries.


On the occasion of this fourth stage it will be presented the exhibition Trajectory of Desire by Li Chevalier, French Chinese artist who debuted in the previous edition of OPEN. Li Chevalier pursues an aesthetic research where the aesthetic is the value of things and reveals the truth of the world. It is marked by elegance and refinement of technique and installation. When Li Chevalier leaves Beijing for Paris, her art arrives in a new dimension where Chinese tradition is nourished by an exquisitely western context that never absorbs it completely, but simply skims over it, making it more articulated. Another constant interest in Li Chevalier’s life is music, which she has cultivated since the age of 15. She sang as a soprano in the Chorus of the Paris Orchestra directed by Arthur Oldham and Semyon Bychkov. She has worked over the years with the soloists of Paris Opera, and collaborated with the China National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Philippe Jordan to a landmark event at the State Opera of China where the violin solo Fréderic Laroque gave an impromptu performance in front of her installation.

This passion for music gives her work a new expressive timbre. Among the most prominent exhibitions, Li Chevalier exhibited in major institutions such as the Royal Academy of Art London Summer Exhibition, the National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Today Art Museum, the National Library of China, The Sub-Marine Base Contemporary Art Centre Bordeaux France, the State Opera China.


Li Chevalier does not like borders. Neither those of disciplines, nor of traditions or schools. Multiple interlinkages in disciplines, aesthetic languages, filiations and origins, give to her works a particular vocation: on a pictural and philosophical trail, she leads the viewer through mysterious encounters towards a deep reflection on our systems of thought beyond any attempt at artistic hegemony. Her aesthetic concept of beauty questions the links that shape our intercultural dialogues. "...Only beauty can generate desire and its quest..." says Francois Cheng.


After 5 years of deep immersion in the Chinese Army’s operatic troupes as a singer, Li Chevalier discovers major European capitals, enthusiastically embracing the atmosphere of such mythical temples of art and knowledge as Sciences Po, Sorbonne University, various Florence and Venetian art institutions, London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, in quest of truth and beauty.


Li Chevalier claims to be profoundly contemporary but passionately refuses the dictates of aesthetic nihilism. Her works have a primordial character. No true feeling can arise from confrontation to an art work without the prism of aesthetic emotion.


According to François Cheng, "We could imagine a universe that would only be true, without the slightest idea of beauty touching it, it would be a universe only functional, or unfolded, uniform elements, which would move in an absolutely interchangeable way. Refer to an order of ‘robots’ and not to that of life”.


In the MACRO Li Chevalier presents “Polyphony” a monumental installation composed of violins and 30 experimental ink paintings. Li Chevalier works draw a trajectory with doubts and lightnings along the way, as her quest for beauty takes her to Rome, in her contemporary art journey.


Polyphony refers to musical writing in several voices, each with its own dynamics. It is the convergence of several parallel melodies in a musical ensemble respecting the rules of harmony. Thus the vertical chaining of different chords enriches the overall composition. The installation of Li Chevalier, composed of various arts elements drawn from the East and the West, is a metaphoric image of our world that can no longer slow down its pace towards a "common" space, where nations and civilizations interact, a thousand stories and inheritances cross. It intends to pay tribute to the creative vitality born out of encounters, of tolerance, of all those values that make Europe, what the artist was able to discover, a fertile ground for expression and dialogue.




Press Office Zètema Progetto Cultura

Patrizia Morici / T. +39 06 82 07 73 71 / M. +39 348 54 86 548 /


Press Office PDG Arte Communications

  1. +39 041 5264546 /





Free admission to the exhibition LI CHEVALIER Trajectory of Desire

Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays



via Nizza 138, Rome

Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30-19.30 (the ticket office closes an hour earlier)

Closed on Monday



Ticket MACRO via Nizza

Full rate: non-residents 11,00 €, residents 10,00 €.

Reduced rate: non-residents 9.00 €, residents 8.00 €.


Combined ticket MACRO via Nizza + MACRO Testaccio

Full rate: non-residents 13.50 €, residents 12.50 €

Reduced rate: non-residents 12.50 €, residents 11.50 €


Information on eligibility for reductions:


INFO: 060608

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