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                                                                                                  Land Art Installation  


Working at the crossroad of Europe , Asia  and the Middle East for the past two decades, Li Chevalier is most known for her trans-disciplinary  art language born out of blending  media and elements of different culture .


Major  solo exhibitions of Li Chevalier have been successively presented by the  Contemporary Art Museum Rome ; National Art Museum of China The Museum Complex of Siena , Today Art Museum in Beijing ;  Shanghai Art Museum ; The National Center For the Performing Arts  China  since 2007.


li Chevalier's works are featured  in  many major international art fairs and exhibitions, such as Royal Academy of Arts London Summer exhibitionAsian Art Museum Nice France , Doland Art Museum Shanghai, Paris Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, Fine Art Asia Hongkong , Art Taipei,  Tefaf  New York,  Tefaf Maestricht ,London Art Fair , Glasgow Art Fair , Northern Art Fair  UK , Shanghai Art Fair , 


Former Peking  Opera singer,  soprano in the Paris Orchestra's Choir , li Chevalier has been collaborating with Paris Opera musicians  since early 90s , showcased numerous musical -visual art associated event, particularly the < Visual Symphony> presented at the Stat Opera China, which echoed a violin concerto by China National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Philippe Jordan.